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Such a beautifuly soothing disease easing gracefully through my blood stream, that I've come to know as your love. with each heart beat i am closer to finding the truth of the last one, that opens wide the final door through which we all must enter alone. those who've seen the truth of this abandoned universe no longer bother to scream out for assistance, as their silence is their testament to what they must daily witness. too young to know the continuous narrowing of possibilities from womb to tomb, where each decision is but another dimension added to the plans of your custom coffin. however, the world still seems a miracle of opportunities to you, like a child running in a field, reaching for clouds high in the sky and leaping over distant mountains in your mind. While the tireless dervish feverishly whirls in the light of a long dead moon, with eyes closed and heart exposed, spinning the entire galaxy beneath his feet as he goes. the dreams I keep hidden under this blanket of skin, you would have to gut me to reach. my heart must be divided by your envies knife, and turned out if you are ever to understand what is written inside. In theory you know so well the conditions of my world, as you gaze curiously upon me from your guilded penthouse telescope. you even imagine walking the tortured, scarred landscape of my alien existence looking for signs of life while you admire the uniqueness of it's climate and topography, but never will you dare risk taking one single step upon it. Thus, you are forever left to wonder about that which I am forever forced to know, as the dangers around me you think so distant, lurk just beneath the unbroken surface of your unblemished ignorance.

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Posted on 03:08AM on Aug 16th, 2012
*is speechless*
Posted on 05:19AM on Aug 16th, 2012
People rarely open up to one another,
And if they can't is there then any real relationship at all?
Fake is all where there be closed hearts and conditions keeping it closed.
Posted on 10:36PM on Aug 16th, 2012
I just love your posts! I woke up this morning thinking "I hope my house guest didn't eat all my Rice Krispies" but underneath it all I have so much festering and boiling and churning. I admire you for articulating what I'm sure so many of us feel at the inner peelings of our onions.
Posted on 03:05AM on Aug 17th, 2012
Although I look at you with curiosity and admiration how can one truly know what is going on in someone else. This is where we need to rely on communication and trust so we have a basic understanding... but even then, it's hard to know one's own suffering.

And, in the end, I know you would never want me to know how that truly feels like.
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