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You, the young cliff diver that always aims for the water but secretly dreams to feel the reaching rocks beneath instantaneously crushing every inch of your frail feminine body. Me, the ancient craggy rocks watching your soft delicate skin pass my pointed unyealding extremities by mere inches again and again, while on your way to the arms of the unworthy sea. How many times must you torture me with your grace and beauty as you glide by in a dive while smiling? Please my darling, I only need one moment to truly connect with you, for you to feel with whom you are forever meant to be. The sea he taunts me cruely and brags endlessly about how many times he has been around and inside you completely. However, still I can see you watching me, studying my every crevice and protuberance while calculating your future trajectory to go ever so close to my jutting body. Though I know deep down you need me too, just as I need you. Can't you see, with him it can only ever be temporary, but with me it could be always? He has so many others to play with he would hardly notice if you stopped jumping, nor you will ever know his devotion or loyalty. If only you would close your eyes this time, relax your warm trembling body and do not fear cold hardness of mine. How simple it would be to just let yourself go and fall forward towards me, so i can show you the greatest love you've ever known in arms that will never let you go.

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Posted on 03:46AM on Aug 10th, 2012
Thank you hn, you and kt were my inspiration for much of this. And Kt your knowledge and grasp of literature truly humbles me.
Posted on 03:05PM on Aug 11th, 2012
I miss you dear.
Posted on 05:30AM on Aug 16th, 2012
Great Imagery of a hard and permanent fall lol
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